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Grand Safari (8 days)

Crete Grand Safari Programme (1,300 km round Crete in 7 days)

Day 1:
After transferring to the Hotel there follows a short interview with one of the leaders, who will also provide the information about the programme as well as for major sights of the capital city of Heraklion.

Day 2:
The adventure begins; 140 km of driving in the countryside with a landscape that changes from green valleys, grape and olive fields to a wild rocky and dusty mountain landscape, where only shepherds are able to survive. The Ida Mountain range hosts the highest mountain on the island. The Nida Plateau at 1,250 m is famed from ancient times. In order to honour the Kourites, the famous guardian archers of the god Zeus, an hour will be spent on the sport of archery. Lunch in a small village and a soft (easy) way back will fulfill the first day of the programme.

Day 3:
Another mountain and another plateau, this time unknown even to locals. The Limnakaro Plateau is at the base of the highest peak (2148 metres) of the Dikti Mountain range. A barbecue in the wild as well as the adventurous driving back through the mountains is a unique experience.

Day 4: (treasure hunt):
It is time now to leave the central part of the island and explore its greenest and beautiful part in Chania province. With the luggage loaded in the leader Jeep the drive west begins. 210 km of asphalt and off-road driving, a swim stop at the beautiful beach of Georgioupolis is ahead before arrival at the hotel in the town of Chania. Dinner at the hotel's taverna is the close of the day.

Day 5: (treasure hunt):
A series of groves of orange, olive and carob trees as well as the natural environment up to an altitude of 1700 metres on the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) to admire before coming to the entrance of the Samaria Gorge. After the natural wild Cretan Mountains, a mild landscape follows together with the crystal water of the Libyan Sea. Two hours drive through the greenest part of the area before arrival at the hotel for dinner in the hotel's taverna.

Day 6: (treasure hunt):
The 180 km drive makes a long day from early the morning till late the evening, but this day seems that nature is bursting out with flowers and colours. The island of Elafonissos, also known as Golden Beach and Golden Paradise, is an island visited by walking through the green-blue water. Despite the two-hour swimming stop and lunch by the beach, departure leaves a taste of an unfulfilled dream. Then, driving a similar route to the Camel Trophy, the next stop is for Raki (schnapps) at Kampos village. At this point everything is possible; there are no limitations or a time schedule.

Day 7: (treasure hunt):
Now has come the time to return to the starting point. With the luggage loaded again on the leading Jeep, the longest day of the programme starts by driving 240 km along the south coast with only a short stop at the palm beach of Preveli before arriving at the Hotel. But that is not the end - after a fast shower - dinner in local taverna is followed by no limitations because the next day is the ...

Day 8: (last day)
A half-day goodbye trip to Fodele or Archanes villages, where one member of the Exploring Club team will rewarded for all their efforts with an Exploring Club Diploma.

Grand Safari (8 days)

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