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  Tour Code: AJS201
The Tour includes:
Accommodation at selective
traditional hotels, based
on twin room bed and
One meal on the first
night in Athens
Grand Vitara comfortable
for two /three persons
Basic Car Insurance
for first driver
(Athens meet and Assist)
Guide for Jeep Safari at
Karpenissi and Meteora)
Maps and directions
Snow Chains
(during winter)
Price per Person
1400 € min 4 persons
1500 € min 3 persons
1700 € min 2 persons
Departure Dates:
Any date upon request

Jeep Safari Karpenisi, Meteora, Delfi (7 days)

This programme is designed for those who enjoy jeep adventures. It offers the independence to be able to discover Greece with the aid of our maps and guidelines and the added bonus of enjoying jeep safaris with local guides who take you to places that you could not discover alone. The programme is also enhanced by selecting traditional guesthouses for your stay that will offer a hospitable welcome in beautiful traditional surroundings.

This self-drive itinerary is for jeep lovers who wish to discover Greece’s most hidden beauties, such as Karpenissi (the Switzerland of Greece) as well as some of the most outstanding sites of the country, like the Meteora Rocks and Delphi.

Day 1: Arrival in Athens
At the airport you will be meet by a Guide who will help you with the jeep rental procedure and also will have with them the necessary maps for your journey. As your drive to Karpenissi is approx 4–5 hours, it is suggested that you spend the first night in Athens in a central hotel so that you start your journey nice and fresh the next day. So with your guide you will drive to your Athens Hotel. After your check-in your guide will wait for you in order to take you for a short walking tour around the Acropolis until you reach the area of Plaka where you will stop for your evening meal. Under the shadow of the Acropolis you will enjoy your first meal in Athens. After your Greek Dinner you will return to the hotel, via Monasteraki and Parliament Square, on foot. Overnight at 4-star hotel in a centre of Athens based on sharing twin room, bed and breakfast.

Day 2: Depart for Karpenissi
From this day onwards you are on your own for your trip to Karpenissi (estimated drive 4–5 hours). However don’t forget that, at both Karpenissi and Meteora, our experienced local guides will be waiting to give you a fun day’s jeep safari and share their local knowledge with you. For the first part of the journey you will take: Athens – Kastro - Akitsa - Agios Konstantinos - Kamena Vourla - Loutra Themopylion. For the first 2 hours of the trip you will drive out of Athens, and take the national road towards Lamia. The first 60 km of the Athens - Lamia coastal motorway is generally fast, efficient and the road is generally flat. It initially takes us inland and then it skirts the Lake Iliki. After approx. 2 hours drive, you will be driving along the coastal road, accompanied with the beautiful view of the 2nd largest Greek island of Evia. The historical site that you will pass on the way is the site of Thermpylae, where Leonidas and the three hundred Spartans made battle against the 30,000 Persian Army in 480 BC. For the second part of the journey you will turn off the national road and drive towards Karpenissi. Here you will reach the bottom of the beautiful Green mountains where you will commence driving up the winding roads. Please note that this part of the trip will consist of winding roads and dirt tracks all in the surroundings of the beautiful mountains (approx 2 hours) that are approx 2000m high. Upon arrival in the mountain village of Karpenissi, you will check into charismatic local hotel.
Meals: No meals arranged as you are travelling alone - these are at your own discretion. We naturally can recommend some areas for you. For example on the way to Karpenissi we suggest that you stop in Kamena Voula that is a seaside resort and offers some lovely fish tavernas along the sea front. In contrast when you go to Karpenissi the tavernas are up in the mountains and offer lovely traditional meat dishes combined with excellent cheese dishes. Overnight in one of the villages of Karpenissi, at a selected traditional guest house based on twin room bed and breakfast.

Day 3: Discovery Jeep Safari Tour in Karpenissi region
After breakfast you will be met at your hotel by a representative located in Karpenissi. You will be taken on your one-day Jeep Safari. Naturally, the exact route depends on the weather conditions and how comfortable you are with off-road driving. If you would like to finish this day with a splash, it can be arranged, a few hours rafting (optional extra cost, availability depends on how many other people will be rafting as a minimum of 6 persons are required for a descent, and this again also depends on weather conditions). Please note that in Karpenissi there are local guides to assist you with any additional activities you would like as well as information about the local area. After your day’s adventure it is suggested that you relax in your guesthouse and enjoy an evening meal at one of the lovely mountain tavernas (or guide can suggest a few tavernas for you). Before leaving, your guide will show you how to drive from Karpenissi – Meteora on the maps. Overnight in Karpenissi at selected guesthouse based on twin room, bed and breakfast.

Day 4: Drive to Meteora
The Guide will have checked the weather forecast for you previous day. The most picturesque route to drive from Karpenissi – Meteora is if you drive via the Mountains, but if there is snow or fog this might be a little tricky for you. If the weather does not permit this route the guides in Karpenissi will suggest the alternative route for you. Estimated driving time 3–4 hours drive from Karpenissi to Meteora.

Day 5: Jeep Safari in Meteora
After your breakfast you will be meet by the local Guide who will take you on your driving discovery tour of the Meteora Rocks. If you like they can also arrange for you to enjoy a few hours trekking on the Meteora Mountains where you can also visit a few monasteries. Trekking in Meteora (Optional Extra, estimated 2/3 hours) Overnight in Meteora in a traditional guesthouse.

Day 6: Drive from Meteora to Delphi
Your guide will have shown you, on your map, how to drive from Meteora to Delphi (approx 4 hours) the previous day. Apart from the ancient site of Delphi that was recognized as being the centre of the ancient world, Delphi is also a lovely mountain village. A 10 min drive from Delphi, you will find the enchanting mountain village of Arachova. This village is recognized for its hand-woven rugs, local sweets and cheeses. On this day it is suggested that you don’t miss the opportunity to visit the ancient site of Delphi (If you wish we can also arrange for a professional guide as an optional extra). Since 1400, Arachova is famous for its traditional textiles, olive and vineyards from which a fine black wine is produced. Today, the Arachova women continue the tradition of the famous Arachovian handmade textiles, using looms - traditional weaving machinery - and natural stain colours. Savories which are based on local recipes such as: marmalades, sweets, drinks, chilotpitas, trahana and many others, are made by women following the traditional way of preparation. Arachova is also a great place to shop the locally produced brightly coloured shoulder bags and rugs. Overnight in traditional guesthouse in Delphi

Day 7: Drive back to Athens
In order to enjoy the return journey back to Athens and not to be rushed it is strongly suggested that you book a late afternoon flight approx 18:00. You need approx 3- 3.5 hours to drive back to Athens and officially you need to be at the airport 2 hours before your departure. Plus you will need at least an extra hour in order to hand over your jeep.

Jeep Safari Karpenisi, Meteora, Delfi (7 days)

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